Afghanistan Journalist Council celebrated world press freedom day (3, May).

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Afghanistan Journalist Council celebrated world press freedom day (3, May).

 Afghanistan Journalist Council celebrated world press freedom day (3, May).

Every year, 3 May is date which celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom. To value freedom of press around the world, to defend the rights of journalists and media from attack on their independence and to glad the soul of those who have lost their lives in practice of this profession this year Afghanistan Journalists Council (AJC) celebrated the World press freedom day.  In which this council named the Ex-President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai as the “press freedom champion”.

The Afghanistan Journalists Council general present Hafizullah Barekzai was one of the hundreds journalist from Kabul and provinces who had a statement on the press freedom day.

Hafizullah Barekzai said: today is the world press freedom, and let me to thank the Ex-president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai. Hamid Karzai who really served to media in the past 13 years of his governs. “We are witness of media achievements which is earned and saved by president Karzai”. Barekzai said: today we have a large number of active media in Afghanistan, through which all Afghans can supervise the activity of government and they can object on the weakness and lack of the governmental system.

Barekzai added: Hamid Karzai really served and strongly supported the media of Afghanistan beside the reconstruction activities.  And the former minister of information and culture Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen also cooperate too much in this way.

Afghanistan Journalist Council present said: we had faced lots of problems in the past, but in the past six month journalist faced with lots of problem. The unity government of Afghanistan did not pay any attention to media and journalists in the past six months.

He said” we had a meeting with the unity government president Dr Ashraf Ghani; we shared all the challenges and problems of journalist. He just promised for the solution, but did not take any step yet.

Barekzai said: in the past six month the violence against journalist and media increased in a high level in the centre Kabul and provinces. “We have the law of access to information which is misused”. The unity government is not ready to report the number of violence against journalists in the province. Journalists are still under the warning and violence in the provinces. 

Barekzai said: Afghan Journalists are always in the service of the country in every condition. We want from the unity government to pay attention for journalists. The journalist’s house report shows 40% rise of violence against journalists in the past six months.

He added: we have media law, constitution, and access to information law, the law which is misused, it should be implement.

The Ex-president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai also attended the press freedom day ceremony as the "freedom of speech's champion" and discussed about the important points of freedom of expression and current political situation in the country. Karzai said: In the term of his govern he has given the freedom expression rights to all citizens.  And he had never shown any negative action in this way. Karzai added: during his government he did not only given the freedom of expression rights to himself, but all the citizens had these rights.  According to Karzai in the past 13 years of his government he was silent and will be, because of the country's National benefits. Karzai said he will be silent until the country's national benefits will be safe.

The Ex-president of Afghanistan warned that if the country's national benefits will be in risk he will break down his silence and stand against. Hamid Karzai showed his strong opposition action against the intelligence organs agreement between Afghanistan and Pakistan a few days ago. He asked the new government to review the agreement subject again.

Afghanistan president Dr Ashraf Ghani called the consultant agenda in the presence of Hamid Karzai and other Mujaheedine leaders and decided again about some issues.

Hamid Karzai called Taliban to come out under the order of barbarian and stand beside their Afghan brother in peace talk. This order was a point to the political difference of peace views in Afghanistan.

Hamid Karzai was disappointed from the reaction of Pakistan during his governs and took a new policy, in which he tried to separate Taliban from Pakistan and far from supervise of United States start peace talk with Taliban. He took many steps in this way in the result of which Motasem Agha Jan made Taliban movement in turkey, to ally other Taliban heads also there. This was one of his important policy which made Pakistan angry and later killed Taliban heads like Mawlawi Adul Raqe and Arsala Rahmani.

The new Afghan government has a different policy it prefer Pakistan as a neighbour and expects of corporation from Pakistan.  They don’t start peace talk with Taliban they started peace talk with Pakistan. In the current policy Pakistan is the centre of peace talk but in the past the centre of the peace talk was Taliban.

Hamid Karzai focused in his policy in peace talk once again.  Karzai said: freedom of expression is one the big achievement of Afghans and Afghanistan.

Hamid Karzai had some points to the new government especially to the national Security Council which bring the media under censors. Karzai mentioned that freedom of expression had risen in its high level at the beginning of his government. This later faced with some pressures.  Karzai also mentioned his affords in the unity of the journalist class and asked the media for unity. So no one can use them because of their power for their personal benefits.

These points of Karzai were mostly the describer of new views of those who has a part in the new government, and some organs who are supported by them. As a result the statements of Karzai were a comparison view of his governs with the new unity government.

The Ex- president of Afghanistan said:  I have very close connection with Afghanistan Journalists Council leader board, the Ex minister of information and culture, Histologists and culturists. We have good connection and im very glad that they are and will be involved in all governmental issues.  

“Today is the media freedom day; this day is more respectful and important to Afghanistan in comparing to other countries”.

Karzai said:  Barekzai was right. I was the practice board of media in the past 13 years in Afghanistan. Iam ery gald because the freedom of speech and press freedom is not only my achievement it is the achievement of Afghans. He said: none of the governments can work in the dark; they need a light which is media.

Karzai said:” I’m not only being proud of the media freedom, I will be there with always in keeping the values of press and freedom of speech beside you in the future. If there is any restriction for the media we will work hand in hand and defend from the rights of media”.

 From one side Press freedom and freedom of speech is the desire of Afghans and from the other side this is the hard work of media which is accepted by the people. Karzai added:

Hamid Karzai said: most of the Afghan media is funded by foreign countries, which are not independent and they incapacitate the independence of those organizations.

He said: “we will work hard to take out our media from this conditions and waiting for the day to have Afghan National Medias”.

The first step toward development of the Afghanistan is to value the National Revenue of the country and be unity.

I myself was not only involved in the unity of Afghanistan; this was Afghan people themselves who helped a lot in the unity of the country. Karzai added:

At the end of this conference which is held on 3, May the press freedom day Afghanistan Journalists Council submitted an Award  to president Karzai and gave him the name of “Press Freedom Champion” in Afghanistan for his best media practice in the past 13 years.

Ten other journalists’ presidents from different provinces of Afghanistan who have done lots of useful activities for the freedom of speech in Afghanistan were also appreciated by a certificate.

Kapisa journalists president Abdul Ghafar Rawoofi, Parwan Journalists president Shah Wali Salarzai, Kunar journalists president Zabiullah Bahar Ghazi, Laghman journalists president Abdul Naser Folad, Daikundi journalists president Rahim Gull, Wardak journalists president Tofan Omari, Paktia journalists president M. Nabi zeyarmal and Paktika journalist president Maali Khan Yaqubi are those people who have got a certificate from Afghanistan Journalist Council for their best performance in practicing of freedom of expression in Afghanistan.