Investigative Journalism is effective way for eradicating widespread corruption within National Unity Government

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Investigative Journalism is effective way for eradicating widespread corruption within National Unity Government

Investigative Journalism is effective way for eradicating widespread corruption within National Unity Government

The Afghanistan Journalists Council’s has been  (AJC) conducted huge event of Journalists, civil society activists, and portion of relevant figure government on Wednesday at GIMD  under titled" Support Government in order tackling epidemic corruption and access to codes of Journalists" and explored dozen of journalists violently stories.


The freedom of speech is one of the tremendous achievement over last one and half decades of Afghanistan's development process however, recently, it seen continuously increases of violence against journalists across Afghanistan, as consequence the Afghanistan Journalists Council most concerns about circumstance, likewise, the Afghans security personals and government entities were involved for sponsorship, abusing harassment and beaten and so on.


Therefore, we believe on freedom of expression in the light of global and national's regulations and principle simultaneously, the unity government is responsible to be respect democratic values, human rights dignity as well as commitment to international roles for free speech and protecting journalists and civil society activist’s lives.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on his late remarks expressed its support from Afghans media performance in terms of social, political and economic news coverage, he is commitment for free speech and requests journalists to assist him for tackling corruption and empowering the role of law and strengthen good governance elsewhere of country.


 Although, the General Director of Afghanistan journalists Council Mr. Hafizullah Barkezai has been pointed out during press conference, he began his words the issue of corruption which was occurs on Ghor's local TV's station. He added, president asks journalists to identify the corruption cases, Afghan journalists promised with him, certainly the media must be partial never taken part during reporting " barekzai said," today, we came up with evidence and prove of corruption, it was happened in the part of media, the land grabbed illegally,” afghan journalists has demand free Afghanistan from corruption and mischief act at all, he says,” we wants stable Afghanistan.” The corruption can reduce the dignity of honorable Afghanistan, for instance, years ago state running TV’s channel property occupied the mayor get gains for himself, there is no small pay attention, Barekzai requested to President to investigate the case as seriously.


Likewise, Sayed Mohammad Amin whose businessman he has enough evidence and documents for his case by being corruption in court system he is enforced to escape from his living place to another country.  


Hereby, he highlighted


Thirdly, the violence against journalists is increase day to day, the current data records indicates that couple days ago, a Noorin TV reporter has been beaten in front of provincial governor office in northern Badakhshan province, following, the Kawoon radio reporter has been tortured in Laghman by policemen, despite, unknown gunmen bombed radio Killid station in Nangarhar province, a days ago a reporter along with his cameraman abused by police office in capital Kabul, but most significantly the government recently has been banned the Eslah newspaper which was one of historic newspaper in the history of media outlets, their all employees are jobless at moment in addition, as we know getting employment as skyrocket that recent days in Afghanistan.


 Deputy of AJC’s Amanullah Jahanyaar cited, the media workers has similar problems and challenges while someone getting official license for ministry of information and culture, it must be pay big amount which is almost inappropriate it needs to be reforms.2018