World Press Freedom Day 

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World Press Freedom Day 

Afghanistan Journalists Council celebrated 3rd May World Press Freedom Day 

In this meeting held in government media center, a number of high rank government officials, MPs, AJC’s provincial heads, journalists and Medias participated.

This meeting began with reciting of holy Ouran then the national anthem played.

Hafizullah Barekzai head of AJC said “freedom of speech is the right of every Afghan and journalists can exactly provide information to their nation and people. He added in the course of history Afghanistan has faced a lot of ups and downs of freedom of speech.

Barekzai added, recently black cloud covered the sky of the press of the country that causes prevention of journalists activity.

The AJC head told, killing, violence and threat by opposition, powerful persons and some governmental officials are the main problem of journalists in Afghanistan

He added Journalists supporting box has been established two years ago and needs help. He said the president should not accept the so called journalists’ talks.

Then Mr. Ghazanfar cultural advisor of the president read the president message. In this message it is mentioned that freedom of speech is the big achievement of the government in several years and journalists face a lot of security problems during providing impartial and balanced information to people. He said that the process of work over journalists killing cases continuing.

After that, Fatema Gilani head of women network of Afghanistan, Obaidullah Barekzai Member of Parliament, Asef Wardak journalist and Jawid Kargar reporter of Europe News agency talked regarding journalists problems.

At the end AJC’s manifesto read by Amanullah Jahanyar deputy head of AJC saying that AJC is concerned regarding current  security situation  of journalists. AJC believes that continuing of this situation will damage the 14 years achievement of freedom of speech.

AJC suggests:

  1. Government should ensure the security of journalists and media as soon as possible because insecurity will prevent the process of journalists work.
  2. Since physical protection of all journalists is difficult so security forces with understanding with journalists offices identify the vulnerable journalists then protect them.
  3. Security forces and Nato should take practical steps against those gangs who kill journalists and Media staff to be prevented repeating of such actions. 
  4. World society should blacklist the attacking groups on Medias and Afghan government should talk with UN and its international partners regarding this issue.
  5. Journalists unions all over the world   should defend journalists’ rights and condemn opposite of freedom of speech groups in the world.
  6. Journalists and Medias should respect international codes in their broadcasting programs
  7. Since a large number of press media stopped their activity because of lack of economy, Afghan government and international society is requested to help them to continue their activities.
  8. AJC suggested that a committee should be formed from journalism society to be distributed the international assistant equally to all Medias.
  9. The regulation imposed by government on press media, created a lot of problem so with coordination with journalism society, this problem should be solved. Otherwise freedom of speech, because of imposing of such rules will be damaged.


At the end of this event a number of active journalists were appreciated with appreciation letters by AJC and parliament